Services We Offer

Below is a list of the services we offer. Some services may be included in the price of custom website packages.

Web Design

  • Web Design

    We have web design services for a variety of budgets. We have flexible packages, with reduced prices for churches and non-profit groups.

  • Updates

    Updates are available to For and Non-Profit websites which feature one of our designs. The price for an update is the same for both Profit and Non-Profit organizations. Most updates end up taking an hour or less.

  • Adding a New Page

    Adding a page to an existing site is usually a flat $50 fee, but may be more or less depending on content.

  • Custom Scripting

    Scripting may include PHP, Java (and JQuery), MySQL or Flash, and may contain animations, actions, may receive and send data. The end product as it appears on the site is owned by the customer, but the programming developed may be used again later for other customers without the initial customer's consent. satisfaction is not necessarily guaranteed. Projects requiring strong security may require hosting upgrades.


  • Websites:
    By Package or Bid
  • Updates:
  • New Pages:
  • Scripting:

Logos, Graphics & Animation

  • Logo Design

    Logo design involves taking a set of desires or specifications from you, the customer, and building several logo prototypes around those qualities. The process is then refined until you get the logo you want. Finished logos should be usable in both print and on the web, and so may have to fit the required standards for both. Logos will be owned by the customer, and we will send you a scalable format (typically PDF) file, which you can then use as you see fit.

  • 2D and 3D Graphics

    Graphics creation services are available. This may include any agreed upon media for non-animated art, including banners and posters, web site ads, etc. All art will be owned by the customer, and will typically be delivered in a non-scalable format, such as JPG or PNG. Limitations on scope and detail apply.

  • Animation

    Animation includes 3D and 2D animation in several formats. The terms of use and ownership for animation should be decided on with our sales staff.

* All graphics included as part of the basic site layout are included in the site layout cost and NOT assessed a separate price.


  • Logo Design:
  • 2D/3D graphics:
  • Animation:
    By Bid Only

Video, Photography & Editing

  • Photography and Video services

    These services are available to customers within travel range. Be aware that the charge for these services may also include time spent making the script, retakes and editing. Editing is limited; details are available on request. Mileage costs may be assessed, depending on the location, and will be discussed before hand. Videos and pictures will become the property of the customer, and may be delivered digitally through email, CD or DVD as size permits.

  • Professional Photo Editing

    Some images may be unserviceable, depending on initial quality. The end product is owned by the customer. Descriptions for corrections or additions must be specific, and satisfaction is not necessarily guaranteed.


  • Video:
    ~ $20/hr
  • Photography:
    ~ $20/hr
  • Photo Editing:

Copy Writing & Editing

  • Professional Sales and Content Copy Writing and Editing

    A limited amount of copy editing is free with the purchase of any package. This usually provides for 2 hours of copy work. Custom packages consider copy work as part of the cost, and no separate copy related fees will be charged for the initial site. Copy writing and editing beyond these situations is assessed at an hourly rate.


  • Copy Writing & Editing:

Promotions, Advertising & SEO

  • Flyers, Brochures and Other Promotional Material.

    The end product is owned by the customer. Shipping, material and printing costs apply. We are not responsible for printing errors due to third party printers.

  • Entry Level Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is an important part of getting your site to be known and accepted by search engines. Our basic accounts provide optimization that will allow your site to be indexed accurately. For a one time fee of $75 for 3 pages we offer services which may allow your site to more specifically and more quickly gain a higher rank. However, no guarantees of rank or traffic are given.

  • Sitemaps

    Sitemaps are a part of allowing search engines like Bing and Google to more specifically and accurately tell what pages are on your site. We generate and submit a sitemap for your account for a one time fee of $20. SEO fee includes generating a site map.

  • Monthly Detailed Site Report

    If you would like to know who is visiting your site, we provide a free monthly overview upon request. However, if you would like to see specific details of your site's traffic, for $20/yr we will provide the total account of traffic each month. Note that if you are requesting this data, there may be a one month delay for the first month. We provide data only for sites we host, and only those which have been complete for a whole month.

  • Advertising

    Though we don't provide advertising ourselves, we can help you implement an advertising scheme. Check out our help sections on Free and Paid Advertising methods. The price for implementing an advertisement is $40 plus any costs associated with the advertising method.

  • Google Maps Business Addition

    Google Maps is a wonderful tool. You can type in a location and a business or business type (for instance Ottawa, KS Restaurant) and receive a list of the business in Ottawa, KS that are considered restaurants. For a one time fee of $20 we can submit your business to Google maps for inclusion. Note that you must have a valid street address to be eligible, and you must meet Google's requirements for inclusion.

* Some restrictions apply. Contact Support or Sales for more information.


  • Promotional Materials:
    Starting at $20/hr
  • SEO:
    $75/3 Pages
  • Sitemaps:
  • Site Report:
  • Advertising:
    Starting at $40
  • Google Maps:

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