Websites for Non-Profits and Churches

This is an overview of topics for Non-Profit groups and Churches interested in getting a website or revising an existing website. Businesses and Individuals should view this article.

Many churches and non-profit groups want their own website but feel they can't afford one. Others have a website that clearly hasn't been updated in years, and they realize this reflects poorly on them, but they don't want to pay enormous prices to get things current. Still others feel that a website might not be important.

We know you have lots of questions, and we're here to answer them. The following articles may help you get started:

Emporia Church Spire


Brochure Site

  • A Single Page Site
  • A Custom Theme and Header
  • 7 Modular Boxes which May Contain Pictures, Lists, Buttons, Maps or Other Content
  • 1 Email Address or Forwarding Address Based on Your Domain Name (e.g.:

Starting at $299*

Template Site

  • Three Page Site
  • Your Choice of Template and Header
  • Widely Customizable Content across all pages
  • 5 Email Addresses or Forwarding Addresses Based on Your Domain Name (e.g.:

$400 + $20/hr*

Custom Site

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Design Unique to Your Site
  • Dynamic Content and Custom Scripting Available
  • Unlimited Email Addresses or Forwarding Addresses Based on Your Domain Name (e.g.:
  • Typically $500-900

* Prices do not include hosting or domain rental. Customers may choose to provide their own hosting and domain, or purchase them through Proselyte-Graphics. Prices may change, subject to customer requirements. Some restrictions apply. Contact Support or Sales for more information. The price for adding third-party widgets is assessed specifically for implementing the code, not for the code or service the widget provides. Use of 3rd Party code may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

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